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From the Editor

Larry J. Shuman
Editor, AEE
Senior Associate Dean University of Pittsburgh

This issue contains eight articles that document “advances” in engineering education. The papers cover a wide range of topics, with focus ranging from introductory first year courses to senior capstone design. The papers present creative ways of student learning and assessment, including the use of webpages and other media to better understand complex concepts. The papers address such currently “hot” topics as the blended/flipped classroom, combining ethics with design, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Below is a short overview of each paper–happy, and productive reading! (click PDF to continue reading).

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Table of Contents

  1. Thermodynamics in High Rhythms and Rhymes: Creative Ways of Knowing in Engineering
    Diana Bairaktarova, Michele Eodice
  2. Teaching Ethics as Design
    Robert Kirkman, Katherine Fu, Bumsoo Lee
  3. Updating Assessment Styles: Website Development Rather Than Report Writing for Project Based Learning Courses
    Nicola Brown
  4. Influence of End Customer Exposure on Product Design within an Epistemic Game Environment
    Matthew R. Markovetz, Renee M. Clark, Zachari Swiecki, Golnaz Arastoopour Irgens, Naomi C. Chesler, David W. Shaffer, Cheryl A. Bodnar
  5. Large Lecture Transformation: Improving Student Engagement and Performance through In-class Practice in an Electrical Circuits Course
    Jae-Eun Russell, Mark S. Andersland, Sam Van Horne, John Gikonyo, Logan Sloan
  6. You Be the Judge: When Competitions Employ an Engineering Design Rubric
    Gail Goldberg
  7. Survey Tools for Faculty to Quickly Assess Multidisciplinary Team Dynamics in Capstone Courses
    Ryan Solnosky, Joshua Fairchild
  8. Utilizing Civil Engineering Senior Design Capstone Projects to Evaluate Students’ Sustainability Education across Engineering Curriculum
    Claire L. A. Dancz, Kevin J. Ketchman, Rebekah D. Burke, Troy A. Hottle, Kristen Parrish, Melissa M. Bilec, Amy E. Landis