Summer 2008 | Volume 1 | Issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
    Larry Shuman
  2. Development and Deployment of a Library of Industrially Focused Advanced Immersive VR Learning Environments
    Ian Cameron, Caroline Crosthwaite, Christine Norton, Nicoleta Balliu, Moses Tadé, Andrew Hoadley, David Shallcross, Geoff Barton
  3. Broadcasting Engineering Laboratories — Audio/Video and Data — in Real-Time over the Internet
    Prashant K. Jain, Yuxiang Gu, Rizwan-uddin
  4. Future Cities Engineering: Early Engineering Interventions in the Middle Grades
    Camille McCue, David James
  5. Thomson’s Theorem of Electrostatics: Its Applications and Mathematical Verification
    Ezzat G. Bakhoum
  6. Model-Eliciting Activities (MEAs) as a Bridge Between Engineering Education Research and Mathematics Education Research
    Eric Hamilton, Richard Lesh, Frank Lester, Michael Brilleslyper