Summer 2010 | Volume 2 | Issue 2

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
    Larry Shuman
  2. Assessing International Product Design and Development Graduate Courses: The MIT-Portugal Program
    Yehudit Judy Dori and Arlindo Silva
  3. Making Communication Matter: Integrating Instruction, Projects and Assignments to Teach Writing and Design
    William T. Riddell, Jennifer Courtney, Roberta Harvey, and Paris von Lockette
  4. Application of Community of Practice Theory to the Preparation of Engineering Graduate Students for Faculty Careers
    Erin Crede, Maura Borrego, and Lisa D. McNair
  5. PRIME: An Integrated and Sustainable Undergraduate International Research Program
    Peter Arzberger, Gabriele Wienhausen, David Abramson, Jim Galvin, Susumu Date, Fang-Pang Lin, Kai Nan, and Shinji Shimojo
  6. Integrated Engineering Math-based Summer Bridge Program for Student Retention
    Jim Gleason, Karen Boykin, Pauline Johnson, Larry Bowen, Kevin Whitaker, Celina Micu, Dheeraj Raju, and Carter Slappey
  7. Student Perceptions of Online Education
    Christina Scherrer, Renee Butler, and Shekinah Burns
  8. On the Use of Interactive Texts in Undergraduate Chemical Reaction Engineering Courses: A Pedagogical Experience
    Daniela A. Asensio, Francisca J. Barassi, Mariana T. Zambon, and Germán D. Mazza