Winter 2012 | Volume 3 | Issue 1

Table of Contents

  1. From the Editor
    Larry J. Shuman
  2. YouTube Fridays: Student-led Development of Engineering Estimate Problems
    Matthew W. Liberatore, Charles R. Vestal, and Andrew M. Herring
  3. Star Power for Teaching Professional Skills to Engineering Students
    Suk Meng Goh
  4. Student Use of the Tablet PC: Impact on Student Learning Behaviors
    Catherine Amelink, Glenda Scales, and Joseph G. Tront
  5. An Evaluation of HigherEd 2.0 Technologies in Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Courses
    Amy Orange, Walter Heinecke, Edward Berger, Charles Krousgrill, Borjana Mikic, and Dane Quinn
  6. Introductory Level Problems Illustrating Concepts in Pharmaceutical Engineering
    Keith McIver, Kathryn Whitaker, Vladimir De Delva, Stephanie Farrell, Mariano J. Savelski, and C. Stewart Slater
  7. Integrating Interdisciplinary Research-based Experiences in Biotechnology Laboratories
    Rupa Iyer and Melinda Wales
  8. Finite Element Learning Modules as Active Learning Tools
    Ashland O. Brown, Daniel J. Jensen, Joseph J. Rencis, Kristin Wood, John J. Wood, Christina White, Kristen Kaufman Raaberg, and Josh Coffman
  9. Developing a Dynamics and Vibrations Course for Civil Engineering Students Based on Fundamental-Principles
    Luciana R. Barroso and James R. “Jim” Morgan
  10. The Critical Incident Technique: An Effective Tool for Gathering Experience From Practicing Engineers
    James H. Hanson and Patrick D. Brophy