Spring 2018 | Volume 6 | Issue 3

From the Editor

Larry J. Shuman
Editor, AEE
Senior Associate Dean University of Pittsburgh

This issue features eleven papers spanning a wide range of topics focusing on the freshman to graduate teacher training. At the first-year level papers address a flipped Calculus course, problem-based learning, and experiential learning. In particular:
Hadas Ritz and Lisa Schneider-Bentley in “Collaborative Problem Solving at Chalkboard versus On Paper for First-Year Calculus” introduce a creative twist: switching in-class collaborative problem-solving activities from group work using paper worksheets to group work using sections of the chalkboard/whiteboard as a simple way to improve both the session’s efficiency and the student experience. (Click PDF to continue reading).

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Table of Contents

  1. Collaborative Problem Solving at Chalkboard vs. On Paper For First-Year Calculus
    Hadas Ritz and Lisa Schneider-Bentley
  2. A Project-Based Cornerstone Course in Civil Engineering: Student Perceptions and Identity Development
    Jill Marshall, Amit Bhasin, Stephen Boyles, Bernard David, Rachel James, and Anita Patrick
  3. Inquiry-Based Freshman Seminar on “What You Can (or Should Not) Do to End Global Poverty”
    William S. Kisaalita
  4. Student Interactions with Online Videos in a Large Hybrid Mechanics of Materials Course
    Benjamin Ahn and Devayan D. Bir
  5. Efficacy of a Virtual Teaching Assistant in an Open Laboratory Environment for Electric Circuits
    Firdous Saleheen, Zicong Wang, Joseph Picone, Brian P. Butz, and Chang-Hee Won
  6. Asynchronous Peer-to-Peer Learning: Putting Student Projects to Work in Future Classes
    Kimberly G. Talley and Shaunna Smith
  7. Using LEGO Kits to Teach Higher Level Problem Solving Skills in System Dynamics: A Case Study
    Yi Wu, Charlotte de Vries, and Qi Dunsworth
  8. Self-paced, Active Problem-Solving Using Immediate Feedback (IF-AT; Scratch-off) Forms in Large Classes
    Stephanie G. Wettstein
  9. Creating a High Impact Learning Environment for Engineering Technology Students
    Wei Zhan, Jyhwen Wang, Manoj Vanajakumari, and Michael D. Johnson
  10. Potential of the CogEx Software Platform to Replace Logbooks in Capstone Design Projects
    David Foley, François Charron, and Jean-Sébastien Plante
  11. Green Space Based Learning Model for Repurposing Underutilized Green Spaces within School Campuses
    Ryan Locicero and Maya A. Trotz

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