Spring 2016 | Volume 5 | Issue 2

From the Editor

Larry J. Shuman
Editor, AEE
Senior Associate Dean University of Pittsburgh

This issue, envisioned and nurtured by Aditya Johri (George Mason University) and Mihaela Vorvoreanu and Krishna Madhavan (Purdue University) focuses on the need to share data among the greater research community. The issue consists of eight invited papers plus a study by the guest editors. While sharing data intuitively makes sense, as the papers point out, it has not always happened, and among engineering education researchers, there is much catching up to do compared to other scientific fields. However, we are at a point in time, where the potential for sharing has never been better, with calls for “open source” data from both the funding agencies and a growing number of researchers.

In developing this issue, Johri, Vorvoreanu and Madhavan have reached out to colleagues across a wide spectrum of fields, including engineering, to present case studies on data sharing as guides for the engineering education research community. The content of these articles is summarized in their guest editorial….

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Table of Contents

  1. Guest Editorial: Data Sharing in Engineering Education
    Aditya Johri, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Krishna Madhavan
  2. Data Sharing in Interpretive Engineering Education Research: Challenges and Opportunities from a Research Quality Perspective
    Joachim Walther, Nicola W. Sochacka, Alice L Pawley
  3. Data Sharing from a Policy Perspective
    R. Alan Cheville
  4. Designing for Global Data Sharing, Designing for Educational Transformation
    Robin S. Adams, David Radcliffe, Michael Fosmire
  5. Extending Engineering Practice Research with Shared Qualitative Data
    James Trevelyan
  6. The Multiple-Institution Database for Investigating Engineering Longitudinal Development: An Experiential Case Study of Data Sharing and Reuse
    Matthew W. Ohland, Russell A. Long
  7. Development and Classroom Implementation of an Environmental Data Creation and Sharing Tool
    Daniel S. Brogan, Walter M. McDonald, Vinod K Lohani, Randel L. Dymond, Aaron J. Bradner
  8. Transforming Education Research Through Open Video Data Sharing
    Rick O. Gilmore, Karen E. Adolph, David S. Millman, Andrew Gordon
  9. Data Sharing and Reuse within the Academic Pathways Study
    George Toye, Sheri Sheppard, Helen L. Chen
  10. Perceptions and Practices of Data Sharing in Engineering Education
    Aditya Johri, Seungwon Yang, Mihaela Vorvoreanu, Krishna Madhavan

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